Meet Jaime

Throughout my childhood we moved several times across the U.S. and Canada. From the Blue Bonnets of  Texas to the mountains of British Columbia, I have always had a camera in my hands. I love spending time with my two beautiful children, and my husband is still my best friend. Searching online you will find a LOT of photographers out there, who are all passionate about taking photos. The difference is that I am passionate about getting the fantastic shots that are important to you. I want you to LOVE your photos and the experience of having them done. No matter the weather, if everything is off schedule or if your child has had it and emotions are high, I have been there, I will wait to get those shots you can be proud of. I am not out to create your grandmother’s posed portraits, I am looking to capture your authentic connections and genuine emotions. Being there with you and your family for those endearing moments, from falling in love to your 40th wedding anniversary, and all the tiny toes in between. What I have such a passion for, no matter the occasion, is always being there with an open mind & heart to uphold your memories forever. I love meeting such beautiful people who are so inspiring, in love and happy living life.  - Jaime Moore

One of my favorite photographs, I just sink right back into this beautiful moment every time!